Closing Gifts


A survey of 1,000 homeowners was conducted and we discovered that the BEST closing gifts, according to homeowners, were high-quality home use gifts that were personalized specifically for the homeowner. Not fridge calendars, not wine, not a gift card. (They were particularly brutal about those)

The BEST gifts also had a hidden secret... If the Realtor made their best clients super happy with a great personalized gift, it brought them an ENORMOUS amount of organic Lead Generation! No more cold calls, no more door-knocking, and no more flyering!

Use Johnson Brothers Boards for a gift that will be proudly displayed in your client's home for YEARS. Utilize our Pre-Buy features to get your contact info and logo engraved on the back. After a dozen or so closings, you'll see an increase your organic Lead Gen - at least that's what our high-volume

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